In citys bordering the Wastelands, the entire city facing the deserted area was surrounding by a protective security wall to stop shadowghosts, Imperials, Marauders & other hostile intruders from entering the city as well as protect the citizens & buildings from the harsh sand storm environment. Notable examples of the walls were in Metropolitan City & New Washington D.C.. Near New York II, the New York Barrier was erected to protect the city from the sand storm winds.


Urban security walls are said to be about 100 feet higher than the tallest skyscraper in the city, meaning that the wall height will vary from city to city, for instance, Metropolitan's wall is about 1000 feet while New Washington's is only about 800 feet. The walls have a solid base at the bottom that extends outward in both directions slightly to hold it in place. The upper portion is flat & smooth, yet stable & near impenetrable. The topmost portion is similar to the bottom except that it has black spires pointing skyward to generate a shield barrier or security alarms in the event that an intruder that is unauthorized breaches the city's perimeter. The wall is mainly cement & has airlocked exit points to allow one to venture into the Wastelands or elsewhere around the city. The city walls are also notable for being partially indestructible, such as the Washington Ruins prove, where shadowghost attacks weakened the wall to the point of it losing it's ability to hold them back. Because of this, the city section was condemned with a new wall built more inward towards the city & leaving everyone outside this new perimeter to be locked out of the city. Few citys have ever occurred to have a city section cut off due to a breach in the shields or the wall perimeter, such as the Denver Ruins outside Denver II. The walls are made to withstand mainly the weather of the Wastelands, as the sand storms are known for destroying citys. However, the wall will also provide protection against the shadowghosts, Imperials, Marauders & other intruding forces, yet it will not protect the city forever from these threats as repetitive assaults will eventually wear down the cement & allow holes to be punched into the wall, which these assaults allowed breaches through the city walls as seen in the various dead town ruins outside major citys.


Citys with wallsEdit

New York BarrierEdit

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Because the Wastelands border New York II by the Hudson River, the city had a 2,000 foot high security wall set up specifically meant to withstand the Wasteland weather to protect the city. Because the wall blocked the winds, most settlements to the east of the wall did not have to provide themselves with urban security walls to protect the city from weather.