The Trenton Ruins were the ruins of the city of Trenton in the former state of New Jersey. The Trenton Ruins, much like the Detroit & Camden Ruins, is abandoned by the humans & devoid of most life. The ruins were home to a special artifact called the Time Map, which drew many shadowghosts to inhabit the ruins in search of it by the time James Anderson scouted the ruined city. As of 2200, it is unclear if the ruins were ever inhabited by humans into another city by the time of the Global Civil War.


Old AgeEdit

Trenton, which was the capital of the state of New Jersey, was the city that stood on the grounds of the ruins until 2012. The city was destroyed by 2013.

New AgeEdit

Era of Lost HistoryEdit

It is unknown when or how, but the Trenton Ruins came home to an artifact called the Time Map. It is uncertain if the Map existed before 2012 or was created by humans during the Era of Lost History & was forgotten about.

Second Dark WarEdit

In 2165, Eddie Smith sent James Anderson to the ruins to find a special artifact that Smith had been researching about. The Time Map, with it's tremendous powers, seemed to have drawn shadowghosts to the area, which James had to fight them off before finding the Time Map. Once he recovered the Map, the ruins were never revisited.



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