This is a timeline of the Native Wars.



  • The Barbarian, Viking & Spanish Empires, along with the Voodoo & Brazili Kingdoms, are established. The Marauders, Inuit & Tiki tribes assemble
  • The First Dark War is declared by the Global State against the Dark Race. The Dark Wars begin.


  • The world is completely colonized by the natives. The Global State continues fighting the Dark Wars
  • The Vikings & Barbarians sign a nonaggression pact that will last about 15 years called the Treaty of Eurasia
  • The Spaniards & Brazilis sign a nonaggression pact & treaty of alliance connecting them together in joint occupation of Latin America called the Treaty of the Latin Caribbean


  • The First Dark War ends in the Global State & the State is founded.


  • The Fall of Canada to the Global State occurs in an invasion of Inuit Canada
  • The Invasion of Mexico occurs, along with the Battle of Cuba & the Battle of Haiti
  • The Battle for Brazil takes place


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