In the New Age, the Time Map is an important artifact that was uncovered by people twice & has led to the reformation of history. The Time Map, when connected to a warp gate, allows the user to not only warp through space, but through time as well, thus instancing them in time travel to the past or future.


The Time Map is plugged in to a special artifacts outlet in the teleport ring. The Map will then activate the gate & time coordinates must be applyed to the map as well as the space coordinates for the warp gate.

Historical useEdit


In 2165, Eddie Smith, determined to understand the history of the shadowghosts & see the future & past, sent James Anderson to uncover an artifact in the Trenton Ruins. James found the Time Map & got it to Smith. Smith then tested the Map, allowing James to see the past. The two traveled to the year of 950 A.D. to see the Mayan Oracle give a prophecy on the 2012 Catastrophe & then Smith used it to travel to the year of 2200 to see the future of the Earth after the Second Dark War, to which he then brought Anderson along to show him this.


Luke Anderson uncovered the Time Map from Eddie Smith's old laboratory in New York II after the Global Civil War. When the Global State was overthrown by Separatist State sympathizers after the war, Luke realized he had no future in life & decided to travel back in time to the past to live out his days before the Second Dark War. He met a girl named Maureen, whom he marryed & the two had a son that Luke named James, after his grandfather. When the Second Dark War began, Luke realized that the James that was his grandfather is, in fact, his own son, which means that a time loop now exists where this type of paradox will cycle continuously forever in history. However, before Luke can tell Maureen this realization, the two are traumatized by an attack by the shadowghosts that lead to the distortion of their memorys & causing Maureen to believe that James is actually her cousin instead of her son.


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