Shadowmistresses are the most advanced types of shadowghosts that are of a female gender. These particular shadowghosts tend to possess female humans & use them to kill other humans by acts of seduction or other means. Shadowmistresses, once in carrier form, have special capabilitys, such as a death maneuver that can be executed on their victims.




The Shadow KissEdit

Among their abilitys, the most lethal & destructive ability yet is the Shadow Kiss. The Shadow Kiss is when the shadowmistress carrier's lips will secrete a poison when they are sharing a kiss with their victim. If the victim is not quick enough, the poison will be released & their lips will be glued to the shadowmistress', who will then proceed to further the kiss to it's lethal stage, where the mistress will open the victim's lips for the carrier's tongue to begin spitting the poison into the victim's mouth, killing them from their bloodstream. Somerlee, a dangerous shadowmistress, was infamous for being a practitioner of the Kiss, using it commonly on her victims.

Known shadowmistressesEdit


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