The Shadow Kiss was a lethal maneuver that shadowmistresses performed on seduced victims when in carrier form.


The Shadow Kiss involved a shadowmistress possessing a woman to be the carrier, or in special cases, transforming into a desirable human female. The shadowmistress would then seduce her victim into a scene of romance. Once involved in a kiss, the carrier's lips would secrete a clear fluid that would be the equivalent of glue. The fluid would coat the carrier's lips & the victim's, locking the two together. The carrier would then use her lips to force the victim's mouth open & then go into a fit, where she would quickly begin spitting a purple poison into the victim's mouth. Once in there, the poison would enter the victim's bloodstream & kill them. Once the victim was dead, the carrier would cease creating the glue substance & finish the kiss, leaving the corpse behind.

Known victimsEdit

Somerlee's KissEdit

"Somerlee's Kiss" redirects to here, if you're looking for the attack nicknamed Somerlee's Kiss, click here

The shadowmistress, Somerlee, was notorious by humans for using the Shadow Kiss. She used the Kiss so frequently on every victim that it became commonly known as Somerlee's Kiss. Somerlee, a special shadowmistress, had the ability to take the form of a human woman instead of being a shadowghost carrier & so, she consistently seduced her victims through her human beauty & performed the Kiss on them, locking their lips to hers & allowing her to release her poison into them. Because Somerlee was such a common name, most human girls had to change their names because of the infamy of the shadowmistress. In James Anderson's period of hiding, he was nearly killed by the shadowmistress & he nicknamed the attack "Somerlee's Kiss". When Jack Anderson named his daughter Somerlee, she was mocked by her fellow peers because of her name.


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