In the New Age, ruins were the remains of former Old Age citys that all got destroyed in the 2012 Catastrophe. The first primitive citys were ruins until technological advancements reintroduced them to sufficient human populations. By the time of the Second Dark War, there were several ruined citys still uninhabited & were primarily used to mine for Old Age artifacts. By 2200, most ruins had been repopulated.


City RuinsEdit


Primitive settlementsEdit

Dead TownEdit

Main article: Dead Town (ruins)


Most of the Old Age artifacts present within ruins depends mainly on where the ruins are. Most suburban ruins were buryed underground due to sandstorms by the Wastelands or due to total destruction. The urban ruins, namely Camden, Trenton, Detroit & Denver, were all still present as skeletons of the citys they once were before 2012. Particular sites, such as Detroit & Denver, contain massive amounts of Old Age artifacts, such as utensils, trinkets & other useful kinds of technology. Other sites, like Trenton, contain special artifacts that were never discovered in the Old Age or known about, such as the Time Map.

List of ruinsEdit

Present by 2165Edit

Built into citys by 2165Edit

*Dead Town by 2165


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