The Romance Rule (also known as the Romantic Rule) was the name for the political, romantic & sexual relationship between Queens Ashelin & Somerlee. The couple ruled over Metropolitan III, the dystopian city of Metropolitan II run by the Dark Imperial State, which was run by the shadowghosts (Somerlee) & the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids (Ashelin). The relationship failed when James Anderson waged war on the couple of the romantic rule & dueled with Somerlee & kidnapped Ashelin.

Political relationshipEdit

Romantic & sexual relationshipEdit

Somerlee's offerEdit

During the first few days of the reign of the two, Somerlee made an offer to Ashelin. Because Ashelin is bisexual & Somerlee is a female that is disguised as a human, Ashelin would not decline an offer for sex with any woman, especially the partner she would rule with. Ashelin agreed, believing it customary to protocol to accept the offer of sexual intercourse for pleasure.


Somerlee's motive was that Ashelin, who is sexually driven, will not decline the offer to have sex. However, Ashelin is well aware of Somerlee's Kiss, the fatal technique Somerlee was made infamous for.

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