In the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids, robots are units of the Imperials that are composed fully of metal with no true human body parts other than human brain cells, as opposed to hybrids, who are partially human while mostly metal.

Notable robotsEdit

Advantages & disadventagesEdit


As opposed to hybrids, robots are capable of using their full metallic structured bodys to change form, such as dividing their arms & legs into halves & making more of their limbs. They can also shapeshift so they resemble certain types of animals, like a spider or a millipede. Their joints are especially useful as they can spin a full 360 degree angle without problems, while hybrids can only turn their human wrists (if they have any) around 225 degrees.


Problems with robots are that, while they have no true emotions programmed in their dual brains, they require the same assembling as a hybrid: the body must be able to support both brains with nutrients & oxygen for the organic brain & oil & other substances for the microchip. Certain robots have nutrient sacs located somewhere in a vulnerable section of their body that can be easily destroyed. Another problem is that, while emotions are not manually implemented into the brains, they can also develop emotions over time. Certain desirable emotions, such as evil & sadism, are considered natural by Cyber Erol & are good. Other times, certain emotions, such as stubborness, uncooperative behaviors & failure to reason, can be considered a nuisance, such as when Grievous, commander of the Imperial Guard, stubbornly defyed Cyber Erol's command & put himself in charge of the attack on New York II.


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