Project Skidbladnir was an ongoing top secret military research program for the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity. The project was to develop superiority of the waters surrounding North America as the shadowghosts began to evolve to become adaptive to specific habitats & the main source of the project was to build submarines that would defeat the shadowghosts. The project finally produced a prototype submarine that succeeded this goal in late 2166 & by 2167, several of these "Skidbladnirs" (named after the project & commonly referred to as "Skids") were patrolling the waters around North America, the Carribean & Hawaiian Archipelago.

Operation historyEdit

Origins (2150-2158)Edit

Under Marshal Ferguson (2159-2165)Edit

Under Field Marshal Smith (2165)Edit

Under Marshal Harper (2165-2166)Edit

Under General Underwood (2166-2167)Edit

Research historyEdit








To ensure that the information about the project would never fall into the hands of the shadowghosts (or the Imperials), no member of the Alliance under the rank of a commander was allowed any form of access to the information about the project. Those who knew of the project were not permitted to divulge any information to anyone that did not know about the project or was of the lower ranks.


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