The plot to overthrow the Global State & the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity (also known as Ashelin's Revolution or Ashelin's Uprising) was a plot concocted by Ashelin & Erol to dominate the world by destroying the invisible Global State by decapitating the current Alliance for the Survival of Humanity. The plot began as early as 2160 & finally began to be enacted on in 2165.


First Global StateEdit

Prior to 2150, the Global State controlled most of humanity across the face of the Earth. The ruler was one who was elected by their people to rule them. However, during states of war, such as those of the Dark Wars, the State turns into an invisible anarchy until the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity has stopped the threat.

Second Dark WarEdit

In 2148, Ashelin was born. In 2150, Erol was born some time & the Second Dark War began. Ashelin spent most of the 2150s plotting to take all the power she needed for herself to destroy whatever threatens her & her brother. In the late 2150s & early 2160s, Ashelin discovered the desire for sex & succumbed to prostitution in Metropolitan City. However, while she was having sex with anyone she could, she secretly plotted to destroy the Global State & decapitated the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity as those two things stood in her way of pronouncing herself queen.


Planning (2160-2164)Edit

Creation of the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids (2165)Edit

Battle for the BatteryEdit

Recreation of Cyber ErolEdit

Formation of the ImperialsEdit

Imperial Conquest (2165)Edit

Great Lakes CitadelEdit

Metropolitan CityEdit

New York IIEdit

Rise of Metropolitan IIEdit

Deaths of Draco & GrievousEdit

Wildwood Naval WarEdit

Metropolitan City campaignEdit


Ashelin & Somerlee's Romance RuleEdit

Fall of Metropolitan IIIEdit

New Washington D.C. campaignEdit


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