Operation Slick Metal was a codename for a mission made by the human armys to attack six offshore drilling platforms housing oil batterys & to relocate these batterys to make an array surrounding the Great Lakes Citadel.



Atlantic drillsEdit

Northern batteryEdit

Northeastern batteryEdit

Eastern batteryEdit

Southeastern batteryEdit

Southern batteryEdit

Pacific drillEdit

Main article: Battle for the Battery

The Pacific Drill Platform, being furthest from the citadel, was the last to be attacked. However, after hearing reports about the sudden power loss in shadowghost strongholds across the Eastern coast & the attacks on oil platforms, the shadowghosts secured the Pacific Drill as it housed the last of the oil batterys they still controlled. The drill was attacked & a large battle ensued, forcing the humans to retreat & causing the battery to explode, destroying the platform. This particular battle marked the beginning of the Imperials as the leader, Erol, was severely wounded during this operation when he was accidentally left behind on the platform & was blown up.