The New Jersey Campaign was a military campaign that was staged in June through August 2167. The main combat was primarily at a climatic battle in the small town of Princeton II, where Sergeant Michael Love, aided by James Anderson, defeated Allison's army that had taken control of Metropolitan II just before. The ensuing battles resulted in several victories & losses for the Alliance & the Metropolitan Empire. Love, unable to defeat Allison, retreated to the southern fronts while General William Sherman was left to command the invasion of Metropolitan. The battle resulted in the assassination of Allison & the death of General Sherman & the collapse of the northeastern front of the Second Dark War.



Seizure of Metropolitan II & mobilization into Valley ForgeEdit

Michael Love's division, stationed in Tuscarora, at the source of the Schuylkill River, began mobilization on June 23, 2167. They left Tuscarora about half an hour past midnight to sail down the river to Rivertown, a small village south of Metropolitan City. After recruiting some of the Underground Resistance fighters, Love moved his force to reunite with Carson's force retreating from Metropolitan. Both of them then marched to Valley Forge, just north of Metropolitan City, under complete silence to hide themselves. During this time, Allison, aware of Love's division, sent scouts to find them. The scouts located Love in Tuscarora, only for Allison & her army to arrive to find that they had already left. Pursuing them down the river to Rivertown, they believed that Love had crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey to march to New Wildwood City to reinforce himself before attacking the Camden Ruins to cross into Metropolitan City.

Crossing of the DelawareEdit

Advance to Princeton IIEdit

Engagement at Princeton IIEdit

Main article: Battle of Princeton

Capture of RivertownEdit

March to DoverEdit

Battles in Blackwood & VoorheesEdit


Invasion of MetropolitanEdit

Prelude of the invasionEdit

Battle for the cityEdit

Death of AllisonEdit



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