The New Age or Current Era is the current state of the Earth's history. It began on December 22, 2012 after a major catastrophe that nearly annihilated all life on Earth. The time between it's beginning & the year of 2050 was marked with a lack of records of history. What mostly outlined the history of the New Age was the Dark Wars between the humans & the shadowghosts after the end of the Era of Lost History. The age was later defined by the Global Civil War, a massive war between the two governments: the Global State & the Separatist State - which seceded from the Global State.


Main article: Old Age


2012 CatastropheEdit

Main article: 2012 Catastrophe

Era of Lost HistoryEdit

Main article: Era of Lost History

Dark WarsEdit

Main article: Dark Wars

First Dark WarEdit

Main article: First Dark War

Interwar YearsEdit

Main article: Global State (2074-2150)

Second Dark WarEdit

Main article: Second Dark War

Post-Dark WarEdit

Main article: Global State (2185-2200)

Global Civil WarEdit

Main article: Global Civil War



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