World Native Tribes 2075

Map of the tribes of the world in 2075. Blue is the Global State, red is the Barbarian Empire, yellow is the Spanish Empire, black is the Marauder tribe, brown is the Viking Empire, green is the Voodoo Kingdom & the Tiki tribe & light green is the Brazili Kingdom. Stripes of the various colors represent different tribes in minority of another

The native tribes of the Earth were many primitive civilizations that appeared sometime after the 2012 Catastrophe & before the end of the Era of Lost History. Each inhabited various locations in the world & became global empires. The Global State, meanwhile, was not a native tribe, but a group of civilization that took control of most of the other tribes in the Americas.

List of tribesEdit


Tribes usually consisted of small civilizations in a small area. Kingdoms & empires evolve from that civilization expanding & taking up large landmasses. Some tribes, like the Marauders & Inuits, meet that qualification, but are focused mainly in specific areas & are generally not expanding. Kingdoms take up nearly a whole continent & remain where they are, like the Voodoo & Brazili Kingdoms. Empires are kingdoms that expand & fight various wars with each other, such as the Barbarians, Vikings & Spaniards.

Native WarsEdit

Main article: Native Wars

The native tribes on Earth fight various wars that ultimately become a world war in between 2075 & 2195. The many tribes, kingdoms & empires end up fighting each other, or the Global State, which is intent on conquering the entire Earth to create one global republic.


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