The Light City Civil War was a war fought between various people in an attempt to take over Light City. It started in the final years of the Global State in 2045 & went on until the peak of Second Dark War in 2167.



Campaigns for leadershipEdit

Allison's commandEdit

Conquering the cityEdit

First attempt at resisting her ruleEdit

In efforts to remove Allison from power, the Free City Underground was formed by militant civilians planning to remove the teenage ruler from power & put an actual leader on the throne through a general election. However, Allison's Crimson Guard discovered the group & began to put down attacks by them. During the first few weeks of their war, Allison outlawed all citizens from carrying weapons unless they were Crimson Guards. The cause was when an Underground fighter walked past a Crimson Guard, shot him in the back of the head & ran for it. Following the death of the fighter, who was a major leader in the Underground, two fighters murdered a drunk Crimson Guard guarding a warehouse full of armor & weaponry. They looted the warehouse to obtain supplys & eventually sent a hijacked Black Guard to attack the warehouse. The Free City Underground then took it a step further by doing an air drop of a powerful clock bomb on the Crimson Guard training grounds. The professional assassin of the Guard, however, escaped before he could be killed & he tracked the location of the bomb's creation to it's source & then executed two Underground fighters. A third hid out & waited for the assassin to enter the warehouse before tackling him & whipping him to death. After clearing out the warehouse, the Underground put together another clock bomb, this one stuffed into a box placed with several others on the back of a Crimson Hellcat, making it appear as part of the cargo. Defiant to Allison & confident their attacks had done enough to weaken the Crimson Guard, the Underground sent it's full force to fight the Guards on the street as a battlefield. However, the Underground was only 1 commander & 7 fighters while the Guard had 250,000 guards involved. 1 commander & 7 guards were brought up to the front line to gun down the small resistance group, allowing them to shoot first. After all 7 fighters fired only a single shot, the 7 guards unloaded clips of their ammunition upon the fighters. After being hit, the Free City Underground commander pulled off his helmet & stabbed himself in the head to commit suicide rather than die a slow & painful death if he was captured alive. All the other fighters were killed as they took shots to the head & chest. After the battle ended, Allison gave an address to the city, announcing that the same scene will befall every person that dares to continue defying her rule.

Second attempt at resisting her ruleEdit

Overthrow of AllisonEdit