The Inuit War was one of the Global State campaigns during the Native Wars. The Global State's expansion began with the expansion into Canada, where the Inuit fled to Greenland. After a naval pursuit to Greenland, the Global State took the landmass & eventually ended Inuit influence in the northern hemisphere by invading Iceland. The war then entered a hiatus, much shorter than the larger Global Spanish War, before the final engagement between the State & the Inuits took place in Antarctica. The Inuit tribe was then assimilated into Global State society & the tribe itself ceased autonomous existance in the same way every other kingdom & empire that fell to the Global State disappeared.


2012 Catastrophe & Era of Lost HistoryEdit

First Dark WarEdit

Foundation of the Global StateEdit

Global State imperialismEdit


Fall of Canada (2076)Edit

Main article: Fall of Canada

Battle of Greenland (2080)Edit

Main article: Battle of Greenland

Battle of Iceland (2083)Edit

Main article: Battle of Iceland

Hiatus (2084-2088)Edit

After the defeat of the Inuit in Iceland, the only place left on Earth that the Inuits possessed was Antarctica. During the battles in the north, the Global State had begun a campaign that would later be considered the Global Spanish War. In the time after the Battle of Greenland, the Global State mobilized & took Spanish Mexico & most of Central & Latin America. The State then took the rest of the Brazili Kingdom & the remaining Spanish colonys in South America. Upon reaching Tierra del Fuego, the Global State turned it's eyes towards sending it's navy to Antarctica to possess it as the goals of the State was to become the world government.

Battle of Antarctica (2089-2090)Edit

Main article: Battle of Antarctica



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