The Imperial War Factory is a giant bluish white factory built with an anti-gravity device that allows it to hover at high, unreachable altitudes. It was built by the shadowghosts & is home to the Imperials & their leader, Cyber Erol. It is known for destroying citys by flying over them, dispensing tons of Imperials, bombs, mortar artillery & even releasing zeppelins & air trains full of Imperials or cargo.



Formation of the Imperials & constructionEdit

Aerial massacresEdit

Great Lakes CitadelEdit

Dark NestEdit

Metropolitan CityEdit

The War Factory had been notable for dispatching Imperials that eventually conquered a majority of the main city of the human legions: Metropolitan City. However, large resistance groups fought the Imperials back to prevent them from taking the city entirely. The Imperials dispatched assaults against the main stronghold of the armys, the Academic Military Research Institute, which was the home to the armys following the destruction of the Great Lakes Citadel. However, no matter the battling, the city refused to fall & the War Factory eventually dispatched a zeppelin in an attempt to bomb the city to dishevel the war efforts as the War Factory was too busy dealing with defending a failing attack on the Dark Nest, which is impenetrable due to the barrier that blocks the only entrance. The Institute easily powered up their Sky Destroyer & shot down the zeppelin, destroying it. However, the city finally fell when the shadowghosts captured Jackson, a top general in the Alliance, & spilled his blood on an altar in the Metropolitan City's cathedral, causing the entire Catholic Church to fall to the knees of the shadowghosts. With this, the Imperials finally took over the city & in the end, the city was to be bombed to oblivion.

New Wildwood CityEdit

Raid & destructionEdit

To put an end to it's reign of the skys, Jack Anderson travelled to the War Factory. There, he shut it down, breaking tons of machinery intended for the creation of the Imperial robots & breaking down barriers. He headed to the heart of the War Factory, where he encountered & defeated Cyber Erol, who escaped as the War Factory collapsed.


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