In the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids, a hybrid or cyborg is a recreated human body that is mostly metal & partially human, as opposed to robots, who are completely metal. The only similarity robots & hybrids have are that they share the same brains: organic & computerized.

Notable hybridsEdit

Advantages & disadvantagesEdit


In opposition to robots, since they're part human, hybrids possess more high quality thought processes in their brains, which allow them to think more rationally & possess more of an imagination than robots. For instance, Cyber Erol & Draco both knew that Grievous' assault on New York II would fail because the city shields were too secure for the mortar weaponry of the Imperial Guard & thus, Draco was sent to destroy the city with an Imperial Terraformer, which would be capable of deactivating the shields. In addition to this, hybrid bodys are more damage tolerant, meaning they are stronger than robots & can take more hits before they're finally killed.


The only downsides to hybrids are the fact that they do not possess the same capabilitys as robots. While they're weaker & unable to possess thought processes that work like a cyborg's, they can shapeshift while hybrids cannot. Hybrids are unable to manipulate their arms or legs in a manner of splitting them in half & more, such as displayed by Grievous during his battle mode.


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