The Global State Sword was a foil sword that belonged to the first president of the Global State from 2075-2090. The sword has a golden hilt & a silver blade. Engraved into the blade is the Latin phrase "Ego voluntas finis omnes malum" ("I will end all evil").


First Dark WarEdit

The sword was first used by the first president of the Global State, who was a marshal in the First Dark War before being wounded to the point he was unable to continue service. The sword was used in battle frequently & the death of shadowghosts at the hands of the future president led to the engraving of the phrase "I will end all evil" in Latin: Ego voluntas finis omnes malum.

Interwar yearsEdit

The sword was memorialized by being placed in a glass display case hung on a wall in the office of the president of the Global State, even after the first president's death. The sword was placed in the new White House in New Washington D.C. after it's completion in 2095.

Second Dark WarEdit

The sword was relocated from New Washington D.C. in early 2163 to prevent it's destruction by the shadowghosts, along with several important politicians. In 2185, the sword was stolen from the museum it was placed in by James Anderson II, who then used it as the symbol of his reign of terror. It served it's final purpose in combat as the sword James Anderson II used to duel Jack Anderson to the death in Troy II. The use of the sword by James Anderson II made the sword's statement ironic because it states that it will end all evil, yet the person wielding the sword is, in fact, evil.