The Global State was the governing political body of the world of the New Age after the First Dark War. The State was not present before or during the war nor was it present during the second of the Dark Wars. In place of the State during the Second Dark War was the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity, which made up it's military during it's existance. The State existed with three differing eras to it, first in the interwar years, just after the Dark Wars ended & during the Global Civil War. The State was finally destroyed when the Separatist State, which seceded in the Global Civil War, sympathizers led a revolt that toppled the entire government.


Before creationEdit

Age of Lost HistoryEdit

First Dark WarEdit


First StateEdit

Main article: Global State (2074-2150)


The State researched the former United States of America & founded it's principles on the American Constitution that was destroyed in the 2012 Catastrophe. The State began to spread out it's influence to the rest of North America. In 2085, it fought two minor wars between two different native tribes of both Asia & Europe & South America. World War IV was the nickname for the two wars because of the fact that that the Global State was to govern the entire world. The State won the wars & eventually made it as far as Siberia & Brazil by the time they had ended, which was in the following century.


The wars expanded the economy of the State & allowed it to

Second Dark WarEdit

Second StateEdit

Main article: Global State (2185-2200)



Global Civil WarEdit

Main article: Global State (2200-2225)




Ultimate destructionEdit

Main article: Global Civil War#End of the Global State


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