Global Spanish War
Part of the Native Wars
Battle Statistics
Global State
Date: South America: May 13, 2081 - August 30, 2090

Hiatus: August 31, 2090 - January 4, 2144
Euro-Africa: January 5, 2144 - August 25, 2146

Location: North & South America, Europe & Africa
War Status
Proceeded by: First Dark War
Succeeded by: Second Dark War
The Global Spanish War, sometimes referred to as World War III by New Age historians, was among the first & ultimately the last of the Native Wars fought in the interwar years. It began with the invasion of Mexico & entered a hiatus after the fall of Tierra del Fuego. It resumed upon the end of the Barbarian War between the Global State & the Barbarian Empire, ultimately linking up the State with the Spanish Empire.



Latin American CampaignEdit

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Invasion of MexicoEdit

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Fall of Central AmericaEdit

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Battle of CubaEdit

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Battle of HaitiEdit

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South American CampaignEdit

Battle of BrazilEdit

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Surrender in ArgentinaEdit

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Euro-African CampaignEdit

Unification of FranceEdit

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Battles of Greece & YugoslaviaEdit

North African advancesEdit

Battle of ItalyEdit

Surrender of AfricaEdit

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Spanish CampaignsEdit

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Battle of MadridEdit

Surrender of the Spanish EmpireEdit