Fear is a giant shadowghost monster that is controlled by Core. He lives in the Dark Nest & sleeps there until he is awakened. Once awakened, Fear shall dawn on the Earth in an attempt to cleanse it of humans by massacring citys at random or selectively hunting certain humans. Fear has only been awake three times in history before being finally killed.



First Dark WarEdit

Fear was released by Core at one point during the First Dark War. According to Core, he was less dangerous back then as it was his first time the humans had ever seen him. Fear, being attacked continously by humans, obtained weaponry in backfiring attempts to kill him. By using spike balls, swords & whatever weapons, Fear absorbed the attackers' weapons & respawned them upon himself, making himself become even more destructive & less vulnerable.

Second Dark WarEdit

Core awoke Fear in his battle with James Anderson when he decided to let Fear destroy James. However, the Light City brigade segment of the Alliance arrived to rescue James. Their attempts to penetrate the Nest became successful, but they failed to reach Core's chamber & instead focused upon destroying Fear. Fear, however, absorbed their swords, arrows, bullets & other weapons & was given even more power. Core then noted that Fear had only one weakness, but he would not divulge it, to which James realized that the eye was what was the only vulnerable section of Fear's body that never got injured after the battle was over & he was in Europe.