In the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids & the Dark Race, the position of Exterminator was the codename given for a human who, either voluntarily or while possessed by a shadowghost, aided the Imperials & the shadowghosts directly for their side by the means of acting as the rank of an officer in battle command, assassinating high ranking soldiers & carrying out any & all means to destroying the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity. The title existed mainly for two people: Michael Love, when he was possessed by Hereson, & James Anderson II, who took the role in replacement of Michael out of the motivation to kill his father & brother. Other titles can include Luke & Maureen Anderson during the Siege & Invasion of New York II & Ashelin before her recreation as an Imperial.


Exterminators in the Dark Wars are usually carriers or, in some cases, humans who willingly fight for the shadowghosts or the Imperials, usually based on personal interests that come from corruption. Carrier exterminators are usually seen as holding a rank equivalent of an Alliance marshal or general in combat, as was the case of Michael Love when he was possessed by Hereson, personally giving battle commands to the other shadowghosts & Imperials. It also works for some human exterminators, but they do not have the same degree of power because they are mortal humans that the shadowghosts & Imperials are bent on destroying when they are not possessed. Because shadowghosts grow stronger as time passes, carriers usually gain the power of the shadowghost & can perform great feats of supernatural powers that cannot be done by shadowghosts or humans alone. In the case of Michael Love, if a carrier comes into contact with alitronium, the DNA of the carrier & the shadowghost can intertwine & thus cause the shadowghost to grant the carrier immunity from death & even greater agility in superhuman powers. The only way to undo this is to exorcise the carrier & expose him or her to the radiation of carbon that will untangle the genomes of the carrier & the shadowghost.

Known exterminatorsEdit