Erol was a soldier who was sided with the humans in the Second Dark War. He was severely wounded (& presumed dead) in the Battle for the Battery, which led to the shadowghosts recovering his remains & conducting experiments to reassemble his body as a synthetic life form made entirely of metal, causing him to go insane & become leader of the Imperial Army, composed of cybernetic manifestations of humans. His sister Ashelin would follow into the path of being a hybrid.


Early YearsEdit

Erol was born into a family some time around a year after the declaration of the war. He had a sister named Ashelin, who was 2 years older than him. In the early 2160s, Erol conspired with Ashelin to take over the world as he was always a follower & wanted to follow Ashelin in her footsteps.

Second Dark WarEdit

In 2162, Erol was stationed in New Washington D.C. to destroy the shadowghost threat to the city. There, he met James Anderson & came under the command of Commander Jackson. At some point, in 2163, Ashelin, who was at the sudden peak of sexual interest, engaged in sexual intercourse with Erol. It is unknown what exactly happened to Erol during the Siege after the walls gave out, whether he fought & survived the fight or fled the city is unknown. In 2163-2164, Erol was placed at the Great Lakes Citadel with everyone else. While there, in 2165, Erol was part of the squadron protecting the Detroit Ruins until they were destroyed.

Battle for the BatteryEdit

Cybernetic existanceEdit

Main article: Cyber Erol

Recreation of his bodyEdit

League of Imperial Cybernetic HybridsEdit


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