Eco Transistor is the name of a special gun that is made with ammunition of eco. It carrys mods of all colors of eco, especially the rare light & green mods.


The gun will shoot a specific type of eco on the correct cartridge. The gun can fire light eco & will destroy any dark creatures or objects. Dark eco can kill or disease any living thing it hits. Green eco can poison any living thing it hits as the gun fires enough for the substance to be lethal. Blue eco can electrocute & kill anything it touches. Red eco can burn & start fires on anything it hits. Yellow eco can mix with dark eco to become alitronium, which is even more dangerous.

Ammunition exchangeEdit

The gun has a special technique on making eco in certain mods easier to obtain. For example, if the gun had one shot for all the colors excepting dark & light & the user wanted to shoot light eco, but had no light mods available, the user could mix the colors together & create one light mod (which they can create as many as long as they have 4 shots from each color for every mod they make). It can also work the other way around: they have one light mod, but have no mods left. They can use dark eco & break the light eco into five colors: dark itself, green, blue, yellow & red.