The six types of eco: green, red, blue, yellow, dark & light.

Eco is a substance that spawned from alitronium after Doomsday. Eco is divided into six different types: Light, Dark, Green, Blue, Red & Yellow.


Polar oppositesEdit

On a wheel, eco would be arranged going clockwise: Light Eco, Green Eco, Yellow Eco, Dark Eco, Red Eco & Blue Eco. Light & Dark Eco would be on the opposite ends of the circle as they are the poles of the eco spectrum.

Light EcoEdit

Dark EcoEdit


Green EcoEdit

Blue EcoEdit

Red EcoEdit

Yellow EcoEdit



Main article: Eco Transistor

Eco can be used in weaponry as a gun was created called the Eco Transistor. It contained six cartridges, all filled with different colors of eco. The ammunition or mods were light, dark, green, blue, red & yellow.


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