The Dark Wars were two wars fought between the humans, the shadowghosts & once a third party. They both occurred during the recreation of human civilization after the dawn of the catastrophe that nearly killed all humans.



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It is unknown the origins of the first war, but according to Historian Horace Jackson, the first war was obviously won by the humans, but he discussed with Thomas Sherman the controversy on whether the shadowghosts had been truly destroyed or were in a state of hiding or hibernation. The latter was the case as the war recommenced 76 years later.


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The Second War began in 2150 after an excavation rig accident up on Mount Crystal, where a young mountaineer named Thomas Sherman accidentally awoke the dark spirits that slept under the Earth in Shadow Cave of Crystal Cliffs. Sherman's actions led to opening the portal that allowed shadowghosts back into the world. It is unknown the events of the war prior to the year of 2165. In 2165, the war introduced a third faction that sided with the shadowghosts called the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids.