Commander Jackson was a leader in the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity from 2162 to 2165. He served as the leading commander in the Siege of New Washington D.C. before assuming his command of the Great Lakes Citadel. He was stationed at the citadel for 3 years, assigning missions against the shadowghosts. In 2165, along with the main council of the Alliance, Jackson was responsible for the creation of the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids by assigning Operation Slick Metal as it led to the creation of Cyber Erol. During the Battle for Metropolitan City, Jackson commanded most of the forces up until he was captured. He was then viciously killed by shadowghosts & Imperials in the Metropolitan Cathedral, causing Eddie Smith to take command.


Early yearsEdit

Jackson was born in 2147, just 3 years before the start of the Second Dark War. Jackson grew up & in 2153, he joined the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity.

Second Dark WarEdit

Calm yearsEdit

Siege of New Washington D.C.Edit

Position at the Great Lakes CitadelEdit

Operation Slick MetalEdit


Battle for Metropolitan CityEdit


Jackson was kidnapped by the shadowghosts & Imperials after the destruction of the Imperial dirigible hovering over the Academic Military Research Institute & they intended to kill him out of revenge for his responsibility for the act.