The Battle over the Radiation Silo was the last battle of the Second Dark War, as well as the end of both Dark Wars. The battle coincided just after the end of the Dark Race in the Battle of the Dark Nest, where Jack Anderson destroyed Core single-handed.


Erol's recreationEdit

Plans to open the siloEdit

Alliance discovers the secretEdit

Assassination of Eddie SmithEdit

James Anderson's manhuntEdit

Intensifying security at the Radiation FactoryEdit

Attempts to slow progressEdit

Victor Underwood destroys the Imperial ForgeEdit

James Anderson destroys the Imperial TerraformersEdit

James Anderson destroys the Wildwood FortressEdit

Ashelin's kidnappingEdit

James Anderson destroys the Imperial Robotics SectorEdit

Construction of the CyberbotEdit


Concluding battles of the warEdit

Death of James Anderson IIEdit

Near completion of the CyberbotEdit

Death of CoreEdit

Pursuit of Erol in Radiation FactoryEdit



2185 CatastropheEdit


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