The Barbarian War was the last of the three Native Wars & was the largest of them. The fighting began in 2085 in the territory of Alaska from the former United States & ended in 2130 when the Barbarian Clan fled to Eastern Europe (which the western end was controlled by their allys, the Vikings). The war was fought between the First Global State & the Barbarians & the entire State controlled the eastern side of Asia by the time it ended.


Era of Lost HistoryEdit

In the Era of Lost History, at some point during the time, human survivors migrated across the face of the Earth, forming clans & native tribes. These tribes became superstitous & some were even barbaric. The Barbarian & Viking tribes both matched this title, except the former was more violent & gory than the latter. The Barbarians made an alliance with the Vikings & both tribes claimed Eurasia: the Vikings in the northern European areas while the Barbarians took the Siberian landscaping & had smaller civilizations southward.

First Dark WarEdit

The First Dark War, fought on North America, had no impact on the native tribes. However, the war had paved way for the establishment of the Global State, which was to repopulate & govern the Earth as one sovereign state.


During the interwar years, the Global State began to spread military influence beyond North America. By some point during the Era of Lost History or the First Dark War, the Barbarians established colonized settlements in the lands of the former state of Alaska, now the entire clan controlling former Russia & the Vikings controlling everything from Iceland to Ukraine. In 2085, the Global State sent scouts to Alaska to see if any natives inhabited it, just like how Central, Latin & South Americas were. Most of the scouts did not return & when those that did return came, the Global State, learning it's mistakes from the Global Spanish War's causes, sent diplomats to befriend the Barbarians & make peace with them. However, the diplomats too were victims to the Barbarian brutality as they didn't understand English & were fluent in the Russian language, a tongue very unfamiliar to the rest of the world survivors. After hearing reports about the gestures towards the Global State, the State decided that peace wouldn't work in this situation, though it might've in the Spaniard & Brazili tribes as it did with the Tikis. The State then sent their legions to Alaska & ordered them to declare war on the Barbarians & to seize all of their land.




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