Axia is the leading female shadowghost & is the shadowmistress of them all. She served Core & Mellion in the First Dark War & later played key roles in the Second Dark War. Shortly before the invasion of New York II, she & Mellion attacked the Anderson Manor & possessed James Anderson's cousins, Maureen & Luke. Axia was later destroyed when James performed exorcism on Maureen & destroyed the shadowmistress, unaware that there were more than one.



First Dark WarEdit

Axia was one of the two most feared shadowmistresses in the First Dark War. She was well known because of Somerlee, another shadowmistress, who used the Shadow Kiss excessively, renaming it to Somerlee's Kiss.

Second Dark WarEdit


Possession of Maureen AndersonEdit

Death of Eddie SmithEdit

James Anderson manhuntEdit

Axia-Maureen led the manhunt for James Anderson by sending out Imperials & shadowghosts to find Anderson. In the event that they failed to find Anderson or were killed by him, Axia-Maureen sent out Somerlee, who was to find Anderson. If Somerlee found him, she would use the fatal Shadow Kiss she was well known for. If James somehow repelled Somerlee, the latter was to return to Axia-Maureen with information regarding James' location & where he might hide next. Somerlee found James, but in the end, she failed to kiss him & reported back he would hide in the Radiation Factory.

Battle at the Anderson ManorEdit

Exorcism & DeathEdit


After her death, Core placed Somerlee as the top shadowmistress, who was rule as a queen of Metropolitan III alongside Ashelin, Cyber Erol's cousin.


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