The Alliance for the Survival of Humanity was a militant group that led the two goals in the Dark Wars. The first goal was to lead a military force to destroy the Dark Race (& later the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids) & the second was to help assist the human repopulation of Earth. The Alliance was mainly a form of the Global State in martial law during the wars.



First Dark WarEdit

Main article: First Alliance for the Survival of Humanity

Dissolution into the Global StateEdit

Main article: Global State
Main article: First Global State

After the defeat of the shadowghosts, the Alliance began to act on it's goals to repopulate Earth. The Alliance renamed itself into the Global State, which would become the world government. The Global State began to attempt to move the Earth's population around the globe by sending explorers & their familys out. However, this process took a long time to begin the repopulation of South America & Asia. By the time 2150 appeared, only a small bit of what was once Russia & Central America had been repopulated.


The actions of Thomas Sherman went unnoticed by the Global State as they focused on destroying the shadowghosts as soon as they appeared. To do this, the Global State went into martial law & returned it's status back into the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity.

Second Dark WarEdit

Main article: Second Alliance for the Survival of Humanity


In 2185, prior to the end of the war, Jack Anderson raided the Imperial War Factory & destroyed it. Furious, Cyber Ashelin, who was Cyber Erol's second-in-command immediately after the deaths of Draco & Grievous, ordered the immediate termination of the Alliance. At midnight the following night, the dying League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids attacked the Alliance main base & executed the entire Alliance, leaving only a few members remaining. Without the higher levels, the Alliance was dissolved while the invisible Global State appeared to being close to total decimation.

Discontinuation into the Global StateEdit


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