Alitronium radiation sickness is a severe reaction to dangerous exposure to the nuclear substance of alitronium. The reaction is highly common at the Radiation Factory, given that the entire factory neighbors a giant research silo filled with the substance. The Factory itself has produced medicines to protect against the lethality of the reaction & most people in the factory have been exposed for so long they are basically "immune".


The symptoms are simple & are very noticeable. The early stage symptoms are the telltale signs that it's radiation poisoning.

  • Swelling of the facial region with sickly pale green streaks running up & down the sides of the face along with intense blushing of the malar region as the blood flow to the cheeks are cut off by the body. Along with fever, the face will be extremely moist due to sweat & light would shine or glow off the skin because of this. This sign is the most common
  • An increase in temperature causing a high fever. Intense dehydration will occur that will cause water to swell in the face & leave it in the form of sweat. Pockets of water will occur at the exposure site to cause blisters
  • At exposure site, enormous blistering will occur, where the blisters will explode & more water will be removed from the body & then the skin would reappear in the same shade of pale green as the streaks on the face

In major cases, radiation will be given off by the victim's skin or body & in different forms. Mild cases that are a tad abnormal would be the body showing signs of radioactive activity inside the body in the form of alpha decay, which is minor. The more elevated cases would involve direct decaying of alitron atoms on the surface of the body, giving off beta decay, or high energy electrons. In the most serious cases, gamma decay is seen. If the victim gives off any type of radiation that is beta or gamma rays, the most serious precautions would be taken for treatment, such as the application of biohazard or radiation suits for those around the victim. If the person gives off beta decay, no one should be within 25 feet. If the person gives off gamma decay, no one should be within 100 yards.