2165 was a year of the New Age. It was one of the main years of the Second Dark War & marked the beginning of the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids.



  • January 3: The Detroit Ruins are decimated in a shadowghost raid
  • January 5: The Battle for the Battery occurs, in which Erol is left behind, presumed to have been killed in the explosion
  • ca. January 20: The League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids is created as Cyber Erol is constructed
  • January 26: The nascent Imperial Army & the shadowghost legions attack the Great Lakes Citadel, along with a diversion being launched on Metropolitan City.
  • January 29: The Dark Nest Invasion (codenamed Operation Extermination) is launched by the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity
  • January 30: The Battle for Metropolitan City begins as the Imperials are dispensed into the city during the Imperial War Factory's relocation to the Dark Nest
  • February 14: Victor Underwood contacts James Anderson in the Camden Ruins regarding the situation in Metropolitan




Date UnknownEdit


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